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The methods vary in technique from Rolf Method: a 10 session series of firm, gentle and intelligent touch; SourcePoint Therapy: energetic form that removes the obstacles of flow in the body which prohibit connection to the universal blueprint of health and; Movement Education: using Rolf Movement methods to help you become aware of sensation in movement in order to free up movement patterns.

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  • Rolf Method $135
    The Rolfing 10 Series works systematically throughout your body’s structural network of connective tissue (fascia). Each session is 90 minutes long. This method is used to gently, intelligently and firmly reshape and mobilize the fascia that determines your body’s habituated posture and can cause limits of its movements.  The results are long lasting.

  • SourcePoint Therapy $110
    SourcePoint Therapy uses a hands-on scanning technique to locate and release energetic blockages in the body that obstruct the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.  Sessions tend to be an hour long. 
  • Movement Education $110
    ME facilitates your ability to listen to your body as it moves, in stillness, or as you breath. Limiting patterns are restored, creating greater range of motion that is also stable and balancing.  Sessions tend to be an hour long.
  • Massage $130
    Sessions run between an hour ($100) to 90 minutes ($130)



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